Why Do You Need A Travel Advisor?

IMG_2252People often ask us this question. With the wealth of information on the internet – what purpose does a travel advisor serve? Can’t I do this myself? Well yes, but really no. Here is why…

  1. Wealth of Information – Travel advisors, like Travel Made Special, have a wealth of reliable information at their fingertips saving you time and money with endless internet searches that often deliver results of which advertiser paid the most to place their name on page 1 of Google.
  2. Customized Travel Vacations – As a “go to” travel advisor, Travel Made Special seeks out and customize options based on our client’s needs and wishes, and  most importantly budget. We treat every vacation like we were going on it to ensure all the important details are carefully reviewed.
  3. An Important Secret – travel advisors do have super powers! We have access to unadvertised promotions, and here at Travel Made Special we provide not only VIP service, but access to our 20+ years of travel industry connections and VIP amenities like complimentary breakfast, upgrades and more.
  4. When The Road Gets Bumpy – My mom’s friend used to say “travel is work, Roz.” Sometimes there are unforeseen travel bumps in the road. We can promise you, you have a dedicated advisor to speak with, not an impersonal voice that is not vested in your vacation happiness.
  5. Old Fashioned Service is a Good Thing! – We want our clients to come back with rave reviews of their vacations – our goal is to serve you. This may seem very simple, but service is paramount to us. We are happy knowing your vacation was the one-of-a-kind escape you envisioned. We care about you. Travel Made Special is passionate about creating tailor-made vacations.


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